Charlie Sheen, Wife Beater, Is Now in the Guinness Book of World Records

This photo was Sheen's first tweet.
Did you hear? Charlie Sheen has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest accrual of 1 million Twitter followers EVER. Congratulate him, and you! Because you're following him, right? We all helped make this happen. Oh, about that Charlie Sheen so many of us are following on Twitter, don't forget about his many violent episodes with many different women. He even shot one, once. You didn't know that?

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Only 30 Percent of Americans Have Passports: Why It Matters

Fanny packs, khakis, baseball caps: the American tourist.
According to a new report from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, only 30 percent of Americans currently have a valid passport. And in 2009, the number of trips outside the U.S. fell by three percent. Compare our stats to those of the well-traveled citizens of Western Europe, or to Canada, where 60 percent of the population have passports. There are a lot of reasons why Americans don't or can't travel more -- and there a lot of reasons why we should.

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Did Egypt Shut Down the Internet?

As Egyptian protesters continue to demonstrate against government corruption in Cairo, we hear that BlackBerry Internet access in the country has been blocked. Via The Arabist [Update: as of 11 p.m. the site was giving a "connection interrupted" page load error],

I just received a call from a friend in Cairo (I won't say who it is now because he's a prominent activist) telling me neither his DSL nor his USB internet service is working. I've just checked with two other friends in different parts of Cairo and their internet is not working either.

This just happened 10 minutes ago -- and perhaps not uncoincidentally just after AP TV posted a video of a man being shot.

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Tunisia in Turmoil: Where To Learn the Most Quickly

The president of Tunisia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who has been in power since 1987, has left the country amid weeks of protests, and Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi has assumed power in an announcement on state television, according to CNN. Before leaving, Ben Ali fired a minister and some aides, "dissolved the government and declared a state of emergency," and called for new parliamentary elections, as unrest grew stemming from information made public by WikiLeaks about widespread corruption in his regime. The internet is a good place to learn more about international politics in bite-sized pieces!

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AskMen.Com Deems Steven Slater, JetBlue Escapee, 48th Most Influential Man

Just one of the 49 faces of influence.
All we're saying is, Russell Brand (#49) has got to be pissed. Steven Slater of the blond aerodynamic locks (good for emergency evacuations down airplane slides) and infamous on-board freak-out has been declared 48th of the 49 most influential men from How is Slater influential? Well, he has a Halloween costume. That's not nothing.

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Spain Holds Most Awesome Contest Ever: Sleeping

Spain is facing a rather dire problem: The post-meal nap, a/k/a, siesta, is slowly going by the wayside on account of today's jaundiced modern breakneck pace of life. Well, this must not happen! An organization called The National Association of Friends of the Siesta has stepped in to remedy the situation. By holding a sleeping contest.

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World Faces Totally Unfunny Helium Shortage

In disturbing news for clowns, people who like to do that annoying high-pitched voice at parties, and, oh yeah, people who get MRIs, the U.S. is about to sell its last stockpile of helium -- currently stored underground somewhere near Amarillo, Texas -- and allow the private sector to start to control the market, reports the Washington Post. Unfortunately, some scientists also believe that we're close to running out of helium globally, and that in 25 years or so, we'll have tapped the supply completely.

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