Prepare For Major Postal Service Cuts

The United States Postal Service--that thing that puts L.L. Bean catalogs in your mailbox--is preparing to make massive cuts that will go into effect next spring. The changes will amount to around $3 billion worth of savings for the USPS and only mark the start of what is going to be a long cost-cutting process. A fully-detailed report on the reductions will be released tomorrow, but the Associated Press has some information on what to expect. SPOILER ALERT: Buying those "Legends of Jazz" Forever stamps didn't save the postal service.

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Fancy Upper West Side Building Hires Its Own Creative Director

Ever felt that the seafoam green interior and moldy moldings of your Lower East Side walkup just don't "go" with the authentic door paint or vintage-scented elevator or occasional atmospheric shrieks and scufflings? Ah, if we lived at the Upper West Side's historic condo The Apthorp (residents have included Nora Ephron, Al Pacino, Cyndi Lauper, and Conan), things might be a little more aesthetically pleasing, or at least, for goodness sake, cohesive.

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Mike Bloomberg Appoints New City Sheriff. Related: New York City Has a Sheriff?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg named Edgar Domenech as the city's new sheriff today. Yes, New York City has a sheriff (who is, oddly enough, part of the Department of Finance). And as Bloomberg said, no, the sheriff "does not ride around on a horse, carry a six-shooter, and look for cattle rustlers." The Daily News explains, however, that he does have some interesting (if useless) functions for that $16 million budget! Like overseeing shipwrecks and executions (in a state that doesn't have the death penalty).More »

Google Will Pay $8.5M to Settle Class-Action Buzz Lawsuit, Just Not to You

If you use Gmail, you probably received a strange and unexpected e-mail from Google yesterday about Google Buzz and some kind of $8.5 million class-action lawsuit settlement that you really didn't bother to read about because, yeah, Google Buzz was a disaster, but you never signed up to be part of a lawsuit, and why would Google give you $8.5 million, anyway? Well, it won't.

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City Plans to Save $1M By Slashing Spending on...Paper

In case you were wondering what, exactly, City Hall hemorrhages its money on, the Daily News reports today on an internal memo sent to city workers, announcing that the Bloomberg administration plans to save $1 million by printing double-sided copies and not sending out holiday greeting cards (which explains why we never got that "Happy Arbor Day" card from the Parks Department).

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10 Halloween Costumes You Should Really Avoid Wearing if You're Single and Female

Dear Single Ladies,

Halloween is a time to show your true inner beauty, your wisdom and intelligence, your creativity and strength of character. Remember, leaving something to the imagination is always preferred to letting it all hang out. Desperation smells a lot like fake tanner and cheap polyester. And there are certain lines that should never, ever be crossed. Herewith, What Not to Be for Halloween: The Plight of the Single Lady Edition.*

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Things I Want for Hanukkah: Bernie Madoff's Desk, Maybe His Piano, Too

Between the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs, the Squinkies, the new Macbook AirCrisp, and the Obamarator, it's going to be tough figuring out what to put on the Hannukkah/Christmas/Festivus/Kwanzaa/December-Holiday-of-Choice-Built-Around-Animalistic-Consumerism wishlist.

But it looks like we've found the perfect gift...

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City Spent Nearly $1B to Settle NYPD Lawsuits

An Associated Press report finds that the NYPD has spent nearly $964 million since 1999 to settle lawsuits, claiming its taxpayer-subsidized payouts "dwarf" those of other American cities. How does it all break down? Even better: Why are we paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle multiple suits against the same handful of cops? Let's find out!

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Place Your Bets: Bookies Pick the Four Seasons as Next Bedbug Strike

Now that we've basically resigned ourselves to the fact the bedbugs are New York City's most terrifying (terrorist?) threat  it only makes sense that oddsmakers are handicapping where the next major NYC bedbug strike will go down. And where are they saying it's going to happen? The Four Seasons. Naturally. More »

Bedbugs Continue Campaign of Shock and Ew, Employing Guerrilla Tactics at Google, 311

Bedbugs have reportedly now encroached upon Google's offices in Chelsea and -- isn't it ironic -- New York City's own 311 offices, right where you're supposed to call if you think you have a bedbug infestation. Meta. Per NY1, the call center in Lower Manhattan was fumigated Tuesday night after a bedbug was found there on Friday.More »