New York Post: City Government Is "Too Generous" With Homeless Families

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The Auburn Family Residence, the shelter described in the NYT series.
Is the latest New York Post editorial a parody of a New York Post editorial? Written by an angry libertarian teenager who doesn't understand why poor people can't "just get a job," like the afternoon gig he's got at Wingstop that helps pay for his Xbox games? That's seemingly the only way to parse this demented masterpiece, written in response to the New York Times's heartbreaking five-part series on the city's homeless families, "Invisible Children."

The NYT series focused on one 11-year-old girl, Dasani, who makes her home in Fort Greene's Auburn Family Residence, a falling-down shelter that houses nearly 300 other homeless children and their families. The series is a painstaking, precise look at how Dasani's family got there; her mother, Chanel, and stepfather, Supreme, are both unemployed drug addicts who struggle to provide for Dasani and her seven siblings. But the series also lays some serious blame with the city and the Bloomberg administration:

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Woman Caught On Tape Smashing the Windows of Her (Maybe) Husband's Car With a Golf Club. Ha?

Swing away, Merrill.
Love means never having to say, "I'm sorry for viciously destroying your car with a golf club." Or something. Let's hope that little chestnut is salve enough for this particular bout of marital strife. A woman knocked in every window of a Nissan SUV in broad daylight, and given that this is the 21st century, the whole thing wound up on YouTube. Runnin' Scared wants to hear from you if you know what the hell is happening here.

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Cops Suspect Disabled Long Island Man Was Brutally Murdered By Own Mother; Mom Lived With Body For Days

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Gabriel Philby-Zetsche's body was found beaten with a hammer and stabbed repeatedly. His own mother is suspected in the brutal murder, and of living in the home the two shared with his dead body for about five days.
A 22-year-old Long Island man with cerebral palsy was brutally murdered last week, and now his own mother is charged in his death.

And here's where things get a little weird/reverse-"Psycho"-y: cops say that after 52-year-old Tracy Zetsche beat her son with a hammer and stabbed him to death, she lived with his dead body in her house for about five days.

The body of Gabriel Philby-Zetsche was found in the Westerlo home owned by his mother on Monday morning after his aunt -- who lives down the street -- stopped by to check on Zetsche, who she saw sitting on the porch wrapped in a blanket, looking "distraught," the Albany County Sheriff's Office says.

The aunt, who is not identified, then entered the home, where she found the body.

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Bath Salts: Are They Ruining Utica?

This weekend brought news of three batshit bath salts incidents in Utica, New York, continuing a seeming spree of designer drug-fueled rampages in the small town. Seven such reports were issued in the last two weeks.

And just within the past several days, cops responded to calls in which a woman was running naked -- and screaming -- through traffic, a man who thought he was having a heart attack, and a man on a roof, according to media reports.

This comes after news surfaced last week that a Utica woman, high on bath salts, tried to eat a cop.

We wanted to know why, and whether bath salts were a new, bizarro trend. Sgt. Steve Hauk, of the Utica Police Department, talked with us a bit about what's up.

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Worst 'Cosmetologist' Ever Sealed Wounds With Krazy Glue and Paper Towels

So wrong.
Here is a story in contention for the most unpleasant WTF of the day. A New York City cosmetologist (although she was unlicensed, so it's hard to accurately call her that, even more so when you get to the Krazy Glue part) has been convicted of criminally negligent homicide for injecting silicone into the butt and thighs of Fiordaliza Pichardo and "then sealing her festering wounds with Bounty paper towels and Krazy Glue," reports the Daily News. Pichardo, who was 43, later died of cardiac arrest.

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Why Is Sarah Silverman Quoted On the Back of Gil Scott-Heron's Memoir?

We often receive advance copies of forthcoming books here at the office. Today we got The Last Holiday, memoir of recently deceased Gil Scott-Heron, which is coming out in January 2012. These are the people quoted on the back: Chuck D, Eminem, and...Sarah Silverman.

Yes, Sarah Silverman.

sarah silverman.jpg
Nick Murray

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Corduroy Appreciation Club Seeks NYC Child Turning 11 on November 11, as Their 'Messiah'

Things you may not have known: There is a Corduroy Appreciation Club. It was founded by a man named Miles Rohan, with the purpose of (obviously) appreciating corduroy, an underappreciated fabric, to be true. (Our last discussion of the material involved spurious claims and took place in a college dorm, in fact.) The Corduroy Appreciation Club finds itself approaching a very important date, as they write on their website, "The Most Important Date In History: 111111" -- also known as, "The date which most closely resembles Corduroy, EVER."

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Beers in the Pants, the Tumblr: An Interview With the Creator

This guy gets it
It seems like just yesterday we were following the saga of the "Bros Icing Bros" meme, an Internet fad that resulted in a lot of forced-malt-liquor consumption and sugar-induced headaches. In retrospect, that seems tame compared to the new single-serving Tumblr "Beers in the Pants," a site that encourages young men and women all over the country to take a beer and pour it into their crotch. Oh, Internet! You've done it again. The creators of the site agreed to be interviewed so that the rest of us could understand the phenomenon of "getting soggy." The full conversation, after the jump.

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Add 'Men's Gay Costume Wig' To Your List of Questionable Halloween Ideas

mens gay costume wig.jpg

Joining the pantheon of groan-inducing 2011 Halloween costumes, which already includes an anatomically incorrect Anthony Weiner outfit and an Anna Rexia eating disorder getup, is this gem. The "Men's Gay Costume Wig" allows you to dress someone's idea of a gay man. Only $14.99!

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Ohio Amish Under Investigation For Beard-Cutting

Amish crime: a growing threat? First we had the buggy safety-triangle ring, and now we're contending with a group in Ohio who are under investigation for allegedly breaking into people's homes and cutting off their hair and beards. At least four sheriff's departments (!) are investigating members of the Amish community near Bergholz -- the so-called "Bergholz Clan" -- for cutting off the beards and hair of numerous victims, including a 13-year-old girl and a 74-year-old man.

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