Artist Zefrey Throwell On His 'Ocularpation' and Occupy

Throwell, Ocularpation Wall Street, 2012 - installation view #5.jpg
Courtesy of Zefrey Throwell
Of all the nude people we covered this summer, one in-the-buff group now seems oddly prescient. On August 1, artist Zefrey Throwell staged "Ocularpation: Wall Street." At first, the 50 performers were dressed as people who work on Wall Street -- businessmen and janitors alike. Then, they stripped. Some were even arrested. The project's purpose was to "expose the realities of working on the nation's financial artery as a commentary on the state of the economy," according to the New York Times.

Now, after Zuccotti Park has been both occupied and cleared, "Ocularpation: Wall Street" is a gallery exhibition. But when Throwell planned the project he did know about Occupy Wall Street, he told Runnin' Scared Friday. After hearing about Throwell's gallery show via NY1, we decided to reach out to the artist himself to hear more.

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No Pants Subway Ride Is Over, Put Your Pants Back On

Paul Quitoriano
Of Improv Everywhere's many pranks in public places, perhaps the most well-known repeat prank is the one that brings humanity into the subway, around the world, to remove its pants. The No Pants Subway Ride has been happening since 2002, and we've been taking photos of it since 2006! It happened again, this Sunday. Fortunately, January has been rather mild. This year for the first time there was also an after party, featuring pants-less minigolf.

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Coney Island Polar Bear Club Ushers in 2012 With Annual Frigid Dip

C.S. Muncy
The Coney Island Polar Bear Club, the "oldest winter bathing organization in the United States," was at it again with aplomb over the weekend for their annual New Year's Day swim. Photographer C.S. Muncy was there to get some shots. While it was warmer than usual as far as outside temperatures run this time of year, the water was a reported 45 degrees and "one heck of an ice bath," per one participant. If semi-nude bathers willingly plunging into frigid waters in January are a thermometer of the times, styles for 2012 are skimpy, but hats are definitely in, as are (still) homemade Occupy signs.

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How to Pick an Ideal Skinny Dipping Spot: Location, Location, Location!

Today on the nude beat: There's a calendar/guide available that may be the perfect stocking stuffer for your nudist uncle, if you have a nudist uncle (and who, honestly, doesn't?). This gift item is called The Skinny Dipping Report, and it is described as "a calendar and guide to swimming naked in beautiful places, featuring the best amateur nude photography the Internet has to offer." The whole Internet! That is a big place.

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Watch Out for the Semi-Naked Santas Running Through Astoria This Saturday

Here is another reminder that the most wonderful time of the year is weighing upon us like last year's leftover fruit cake. If you find yourself in Astoria tomorrow between 12 and 4 p.m., you should know that the semi-clad Santas running through the streets are doing it for charity. It's the second annual Santa Streak, in which 100 or so residents of the neighborhood are expected to participate in a one-mile run wearing "only Speedos or similarly revealing holiday costumes." For a good cause! Why Leave Astoria, the organizer of the run, asks participants to bring old coats and clothes to donate to New York Cares: "take it off, strip down as far as you want, then run like hell to the secret bar where we'll be serving up some free suds."

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Hillary Clinton Surprised by Loincloth-Clad Torchbearer

In what we'd like to think of as an "antidote" of sorts to Holly Van Voast's surge in boob-flashings at Barnes & Noble book signings (a target of which recently included Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill), a man surprised the Secretary of State with his own version of an homage recently in Honolulu.

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Strip Poker Art Project Attracts a Crowd

Rebecca Nathanson
On Saturday morning, Art in General, an alternative art space at 79 Walker Street in Tribeca, opened a new exhibition called "I'll Raise You One..." in which a group of people sit in the gallery's storefront window space and play strip poker for all to see. The exhibition is now three days into its seven-day run, and the fascination has not begun to dwindle.

At 1 p.m. this afternoon, a crowd of more than 30 had amassed in front of the windows, spilling out into the streets as everyone tried to take pictures of the events unfolding (and undressing) inside. The space itself is a small orange room with a round table in the center. Around it sat six people -- two women, four men. One of the men was the artist, Zefrey Throwell, who has participated in the game each day; the other five were total strangers who were just there for the day.

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Seven-Day Strip Poker Game Starts Saturday in Tribeca (Don't Worry, It's Art)

Zefrey Throwell/Art in General
Nudity, nudity, nudity. There's more of it coming your way starting on Saturday, when an art project called "I'll Raise You One..." opens at Art in General, at 79 Walker Street in Tribeca. The project, which is the creation of artist Zefrey Throwell (who will participate himself) involves seven men and women playing strip poker. Prepare for a certain contingent of folks to get angry, because the art, and nudity, will be visible from the street, with poker games running seven and a half hours a day for a week, reports DNAinfo.

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Bill Clinton Is the Latest Target of Holly Van Voast's Topless Campaign

Humans of New York

This is becoming something of a trend, the inaugural Holly Van Voast boob-flash outside of the good old Barnes & Noble book signing. Just last week, Bill Cosby found himself surprised by the breasts of Van Voast. But the latest flashing was quite the coup: Bill Clinton, former U.S. president, author, Secret Service-protected man was about town to promote his new book, Back to Work.

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Bill Cosby Flashed Outside of 5th Avenue Barnes and Noble by Holly Van Voast

Cosby responds, via Humans of New York
Today on the topless beat: From the blog Humans of New York (and photographer Brandon Stanton) comes a tale of two breasts and a man we all can't help but associate with our childhood and hideous but fascinating sweaters. Yes, we are speaking of Holly Van Voast, the woman who recently flashed a courtroom while in court for being topless, and Bill Cosby, he of television sitcom and wild dance moves and Jell-O pudding fame. In town to promote his new book, I Didn't Ask to Be Born: But I'm Glad I Was at the city's Fifth Avenue Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, the 74-year-old Cosby got a surprise.

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