Two Middle-Aged White Guys Wearing Suits Hail Same NYC Taxi. Slap-Fight Ensues *VIDEO*

Throw a punch, sissies!


When two middle-age white guys wearing business suits get into a fight, there are no winners -- there's just disheveled thinning hair, bruised egos, and damaged street cred. 

That said, the street cred of middle-age white guys wearing business suits is at an all-time low this morning thanks to two middle-age white guys who got into a fight over a cab last week. Video of the scuffle was then posted on YouTube.

No punches were thrown -- just a few slaps and a brief headlock -- and nobody was injured, which is everything you'd expect from a fight between two middle-age white guys wearing business suits.

We don't encourage anyone to get into a fight, but if you're gonna do it, try to not look like a couple of prepubescent girls -- the street cred of others depends on it.

See the video of these two sissies slapping away at each other after the jump.

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Mad Men Mania: Fans Now 'Draping' in New York City

Norwegian Blogger to Americans: 'What if it Was You Who Didn't Have Any Butter?'

Tommy ponders his butter-less Christmas
If you are like most Americans, you are blissfully unaware of the Norwegian butter crisis. To help you catch up, here is a comprehensive recap and analysis: Norway is almost out of butter. You probably didn't think about this as you slathered golden pads of greasy joy on your fluffy pancakes this morning. Perhaps you would be more inclined to care if the crisis had a face. Enter Tommy, a blogger from Oslo, who asks in a video both heartfelt and heartbreaking, "What if I came home to you and took your butter from your fridge?" Check out Tommy's plea after the jump.

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Police Officer Douses Protesters at UC Davis With Pepper Spray [VIDEO]

The above video was posted to YouTube yesterday evening, and it shows UCD Police Lt. John Pike pepper spraying a line of peaceful protesters at UC Davis. BoingBoing describes the officer's casual nature "as if he's dousing a row of bugs with insecticide," and Gawker agreed, saying Pike's behavior was that of "a gardener using pesticide." We disagree; if you used that much insecticide, you'd poison your yard.

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Bad Lip Reading: An Interview With the Man Behind The Beautiful Nonsense

Herman Cain, only slightly less coherent when given the Bad Lip Reading treatment.
For several months, it's been hard to take a stroll around the internet without tripping on the Bad Lip Reading video series, which overdubs new speech onto familiar popular videos.

The results bear a superficial resemblance to the Autotune the News empire, but are much more interesting. Where Autotune the News is based on finding the music hidden within the bland pronouncements of politicians and talking heads, Bad Lip Reading dispenses with their tedious meanings altogether, tearing open a surreal hole in reality through which much stranger and more improbable things can pass. So Rebecca Black's "Friday" video is seamlessly re-imagined as a narrative about a gang fight, Mitt Romney speculates on the benefits of Madonna marrying a giant, and Rick Perry grudgingly offers to share his Kwanzaa CDs with the press corps.

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Earthquake Video From Apartment in Van, Turkey

The above cameraphone video (via @stevesilberman) was taken from inside an apartment during the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Van, Turkey. It's titled, "VAN DEPREM SON DAKİKA," which, according to Google Translate, means "Van earthquake last minute." If anyone speaks Turkish and has a better translation, please tell us.

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Grand Rapids Morning News Teaches You How to Roll With the Punches

Fox 17 Morning News in Grand Rapids, Michigan looks like a fun place to work. In the above clip, the camera operator swings to the anchor desk about 20 seconds too early. Instead of freaking out, Tamara Johnson finishes her report and Anchor Mike Avery smiles and waves at the misguided camera. People have reacted worse to technical difficulties before.

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Bridge & Tunnel's Brianna DeBartoli on Why Male Fidelity Isn't Possible: "The Little Head Tells the Big Head What To Do"

thumb-11_06_20_VV_Bridge_Tunnel_ 11679.jpg
Chad Griffith
Gabby and Bri
As this week's cover story explains in arduous detail, sisters Brianna and Gabriella DeBartoli were effectively the original JWoww and Snooki, two Staten Island siblings involved with the Jersey Shore precursor Bridge & Tunnel. For reasons unknown, MTV execs let Jersey Shore swallow Staten Island whole, shelving the prototype a month before the show was supposed to air, and without explanation, leaving the girls and eight other primary cast members in the lurch. Why they did this remains a mystery, especially since these girls are infinitely quotable.

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Video Released of Escaped Baboon Capture in New Jersey

We reported on Friday about the baboon that escaped from Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. The monkey was on the lam until officials from Great Adventure tranquilized and captured it on a farm in Howell yesterday. The above video from the Post shows police escorting the baboon on its perp walk. [Deadspin]

Viral Panda Video Set to Become Full-Length Motion Picture

The above viral video of a panda sneezing is going to be turned into a feature mockumentary. Lesley Hammond and Jenny Walsh, two nature photographers who captured the 16 second clip back in 1999, have secured $1.3 million to make The Life and Times of Sneezing Baby Panda. The Hollywood Reporter says the full-length movie will "employ the techniques used in Forrest Gump or Woody Allen's Zelig before that to place the ancestors of the Sneezing Baby Panda in crucial roles throughout history." Thanks, Internet. [THR]