A Freshly Painted Elbow-Toe in NoHo

Bill Jensen

Captured by our bossman's iPhone, paint still wet, on Saturday night.

Twitter Tagging

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Tagging your social-media account? Seriously? We run the internet and this is still reprehensible. Next we gonna see Stumbleupon links in throw-ups? Reddit usernames painted on naked girls? FOR A GOOD TIME, BECOME A FAN OF DIGG USER WEEZYPANTS scrawled on the back of the stall doors?

Dick Chicken Has a Girlfriend

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They make a perfect couple, no?

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Os Gemeos Working on That Bowery and Houston Mural


Our favorite pair of Brazilian twins have been commissioned to replace that Keith Haring mural on the corner of Bowery and Houston. We are totally stoked to see what this looks like when it's done and plan to spend our lunch breaks staring at it every single day. Since our camera's been acting like a broken-down whore, our pal F Trainer took some photos of Os Gemeos working on this piece and kindly let us share them with you. Enjoy, bitches!

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Doesn't This Drunk-Ass Crow Look a Little Familiar?

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Sorta like a sober version of this. . .

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The Old ATM Dirty-Lettered Joke

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No idea why you don't see this more. Are you people really that mature?

In Honor of Woody Allen Day. . .

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This phenomenal Woody Allen piece has been running on a Roebling firebox for a while. But it's a pretty awesome tribute from that stencil-mad Parisian, C215. Only problem: this piece is in Williamsburg. Wouldn't Woody, if he'd been his Annie Hall age, have lived in the Slope?

Hey, Look, It's a Hippie Bike!


Quick question: Where would this banana seat take you? Fire Island?

Ladies of America, Please Meet Harlem Artist James De La Vega

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Nom nom nom nom

All correspondences, marriage proposals, parachute undies, should all be directed here. James, you can thank us later! (Swear to Jesus, we did not place that box of Entenmann's pastries there on the sidewalk like fish bait, it was there when we arrived.)

And How Will


Questionhttp://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/08/nyregion/08trustafarians.html?_r=2Street-work snobs tend to view mailing labels the same way seasoned gamblers view scratch tickets, but to us, they're a little more, say, the Keno of the streets. We like them because they tend to last a little longer in the wild. For two, they're not all winners, but it's sure fun to play. Ok, this simile business is running a little dry, but fuck you, we were supposed to go to Fire Island this weekend and ins saw this rainbow bike and And it doesn't hurt that they're Cooper-approved. We shot this one the other day--it's kinda nice, but awful girly.

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