Friday scribbles: Ambivalent gayness is not a game

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If you ever get a chance to fuck your hand, never lose that chance.
From Written on the City > New York

We don't usually dial the stall-side digits of people named Misty McLick for a good time, but we're always strangely enthralled to read about "her" banana-swallowing prowess on the john. Written on the City catalogs such global public jibberjabber, but the site's New York section is noticeably sparse -- 22 photos compared to San Fran's 156. Our first two submissions for their collection: ambivalent gayness and an aversion to fun. Expect new scribbles every Friday.

I'm not so very gay -- (anymore)
Chalk on painted brickface, Bedford Ave and Metropolitan

This is not a game
Marker on plastic, L Train

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